An Innovative Energy Based On Circular Economy.

Water Horizon develops highly innovative renewable energy solutions for industrial heating and cooling applications.

The technology is an industrial transportable thermal battery. It recovers waste heat from industrial activities and it stores heat with a high density without any loss of energy over time.

WATER HORIZON fulfils the same service functions as traditional heating networks. We distribute thermal batteries to customers/compagnies/end-users with heating and cooling needs.

Therefore, WATER HORIZON’s thermal batteries are ideal solutions to either extend the geographical scope of existing heating networks or create new ones when an underground piping infrastructure cannot be amortized.

Thanks to our batteries, we offer to large energy consumers a unique renewable heat or cold supply, allowing them to quit fossil solutions.

The Water Horizon solution can save up to 95% of greenhouse gas emissions.

They Trust Us

“Innovation stems from

the desire and the

achievement of a change”


CEO of Water Horizon